Angani Virtual PABX is an Internet-based phone xervice, also known as  “Hosted PABX”. Angani’s fully operational redundant datacenter hosts a “Virtual PBX” to which customers connect using their Ip phones through a simple Internet connection. Angani provides a “virtual PBX ” for users for all intents and purposes. This hosted PABX solution replaces an existing business phone system.

The PBX  is installed and maintained by Angani so that customers continually have new features and new upgrades at no additional cost.

Angani does provide each customer with a web-based administration tool to configure your virtual PBX over the Internet.

IP phones may connect through a router, or a direct Internet connection. Customers may also take their IP phone anywhere there is a Internet Connection and simply plug it in. The same phone number will ring anywhere you happen to be.