Angani Virtual PABX is a flexible and scalable business phone system designed to meet your telephony needs and expand with the growth of your business. Angani Virtual PABX delivers all the features of a fully-loaded phone system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PBX, plus additional features that traditional hardware can’t deliver at an affordable price.


Because the equipment needed to run the phone system is located off site, and managed by our professionals, there’s no need to have on site IT staff for troubleshooting, nor do you have to wait for technicians to be available. Support is available 24/7, and the system just works so you can concentrate on your core business, not your phone system.


Planning business growth can be daunting, but with Angani’s phone system there is no need to worry. Using any standard web browser, you can access your account and perform tasks such as adding lines and extensions, or configuring an auto attendant to handle spikes in call volume. IP-based technology makes this quick scalability possible so your company can quickly respond to market changes.


Angani’s Internet-based phone system can bring new meaning to the term “mobility”. With any certified phone plugged into an Internet connection, you can have access to your business phone system from any location. For SMBs especially, being able to work from any location is a real plus, and can make the difference between staying competitive or not.

Why Angani Virtual PABX is Right for You

Save Money – With low start-up fees and low cost of ownership, Angani Virtual PABX will save you considerably over a traditional PBX or business phone system.

Save Time – Don’t hassle with a complicated PBX system that requires IT staff to maintain. Make changes and manage accounts with Angani’s intuitive web-based Portal.

Increase Productivity – With Find Me/Follow Me features you and your staff will never miss an important call. Call logs also let you manage time, ensure calls are being made, and time is being managed properly.